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Ballroom dance classes in Decatur

Ballroom dance enjoys a rise in popularity

Ballroom dance, as it is generally known, refers to several ‘partner dance’ styles that have recently enjoyed an increased recognition in mainstream culture due to popular TV shows such as “Dancing with the Stars” and other dance themed television programming. Whether you consider taking ballroom dancing lessons to make a wedding more memorable, enhance your Decatur social life, or simply to relieve stress and have some fun, Debbie's Dance Studio Inc dance lessons are an investment that will always provide rewarding returns.

Improve your social life in Decatur

The many benefits of ballroom dancing lessons:

  • Encourages new friendships and experiences
  • A great way to get and stay fit
  • Improves intimacy with your partner and offers increased opportunities for spending quality time together
  • Builds self-confidence and adds glamour to weddings and other special occasions
  • Broadens the options for a lively social life
  • Promotes a positive self-image

Debbie's Dance Studio Inc: setting the pace for ballroom dancing

Debbie's Dance Studio Inc offers courses for Decatur dance enthusiasts that are comprised of learning the essential elements that are found within several classic “ballroom dancing” styles. Traditionally performed and practised at weddings, special occasions and various levels of competition, Debbie's Dance Studio Inc classes are adapted according to the learning pace and skill level of each group or individual and include training in all technical aspects of footwork, posture, and timing, leading, and following.

Open to couples or singles: No partner required!