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The Waltz: a foundation for dance in Decatur

A brief history:

The quintessential ‘dance of all dances’, the waltz was first introduced to the North American public in the 1600’s. Considered somewhat scandalous at the time, it was the first dance that required partners to not only touch each other but remain continuously locked in a fluid embrace. Popular worldwide and a regular feature in virtually all dance competitions, learning the proper technique for the waltz is a fun and vital means to ensure full participation for social occasions and is recommended as an essential staple in any dancer’s repertoire.

Make every social occasion special

The elegance and sweeping movement of the waltz helps to develop poise and balance and is the very foundation for classic ballroom and couples dancing.

It’s all in the Debbie's Dance Studio Inc technique.

Debbie's Dance Studio Inc’s experienced instructors train beginners, intermediate, or experienced dancers of Decatur for social or competitive dance and adapt a curriculum to include a varied selection of waltz forms. Specific dance techniques that develop posture, fluidity of movement, alignment, coordination and control are adapted for either private or group class settings.

No partner required – singles and couples welcome

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If you are interested in learning how to Waltz and live in the greater Decatur area then we invite you to visit our studio or call (217) 877-9009.